eCommerce Solutions


What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is the conducting of trade with goods and services over the Internet. It includes: consumers using the Internet to purchase goods and services online.

A successful eCommerce website can become an integral part of your sales strategy. It can open your products to new markets and provide smarter ways for you to do business.

By first understanding your products, your customers and your business process, we can then provide a custom 'eCommerce' solution for your business.

eCommerce Manager

eCommerce Manager is a fully integrated eCommerce software package that covers all aspects of trading online.

Your visitors can use a dynamic search facility to locate the required product via a keyword and or category search.  The list of result consists of a Google style pagination facility, clickable page numbers and a next and previous button.  Each result will display a thumbnail image, title, brief description, cost, more info button and add to cart option.  Choosing the more information option will take them though to a more detailed page displaying a full size image and more information on the product.

From this point the user will have ability to add the product to their shopping cart or go back to the search result page.  If they choose the ‘add to cart’ option the product will be added to the shopping cart and enable the user to change quantities required.  From this point the user can continue shopping or check out.

If the user chooses to check out the system will direct them through to the customer detail screen.  If the person has already shopped with the website before, they will have the ability to input their username and password to complete the purchase.  If the user has not shopped with the website before, they will be required to enter all the details including a username and password for future shopping.

When the login registration process is complete the user will be directed to the secure payment servers.  Here they will be prompted to enter their card details.  The system will then direct them to a thank you screen and a display their order number.  As well as this the user will also receive an email confirming their order details and again thanking them.

Product Manager

This facility enables you to fully manage all aspects of your online products. The system ensures that all areas of product management are catered for including the ability to add / remove and update product information in real-time. Category management ensures that you can manage the categories you wish to assign each product to.

You will also have the ability to upload an image for each product.

Order Manager

All orders you receive are instantly recorded to the order management facility. Each order received is given a unique order number which is then confirmed to the client on their thank you email. Once you log in to the order manager behind the scenes the system defaults the display to the current month and shows all orders received on separate rows.

Once you click on the order number the full information for that order will be displayed, including: customer’s details, what they have ordered, and how much they paid. Shipping management will enable you to enter the details of the carrier and once the order is set as shipped by you, the customer will receive an automated email confirming their order has been despatched.

Customer Manager

This facility ensures that once a customer has shopped with you online they have a username and password that allows them to login at the point of checkout. This ensures the user does not have to input their personal details each time they wish to place an order.

From the back-office you can browse customers and view the order(s) they have placed in the past.

Shopping Manager

This facility includes the product search functionality which enables site users to locate the product they are looking for. This generally consists of a keyword and category search but can include other fields held within the product database.

Once the user has located the required product they then have the option to add it to the shopping cart. From the shopping cart the user will specify the quantity required and then enter their personal information into the customer detail screen. The user will then be directed to make their payment online.

Online payments

We can provide online payments through PayPal, Worldpay or a merchant account that you have arranged with your bank.

Example eCommerce websites that we have built

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